A child standing at a Circle VHA banner with face painting on her face.

Summer Event at Sean Treacy House

Circle VHA held a number of summer Tenant Engagement Events.

On the 19th of August, Circle VHA visited Sean Treacy House, located in the heart of Dublin 1.

Tenancy Co-ordinator Michael Russell, organised the event with the assistance of Colin Keating from Facilities, Lisa Flynn from Health and Safety and Claire McDonnell our Tenant Engagement Officer along with many Circle VHA volunteers assisted on the setting up and running of the event. We were visited by An Gardai Siochana, Dublin City Council and St Johns Ambulance were present to join in on the fun!

What was the purpose of the event?

The event was organised to allow the tenants of Sean Treacy to meet the Circle VHA staff and curate a better relationship. The event allowed tenants to put a face to the name of the staff who they talk to over the phone, such as members from our repairs team, income, and facilities management.

The event also ties in with our tenant engagement strategy, therefore, we conducted a scheme walkabout, allowing the tenants to showcase their area and allow the Tenancy Services Officer (TSO), Tenancy Engagement Officer (TEO), and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to understand issues, or identify the needs of the community. This will be an ongoing piece of work between the tenants of the scheme and is aimed at increasing tenant engagement with us.

The children enjoyed viewing St. Johns ambulance

Entertainment provided by

Entertainment was provided by Glam Fairies through Partywizz.ie and they were great fun for the kids as they munched on popcorn, chilled with snow cones, and even got a makeover from the face painter.

Balloon molding


There are so many positives coming from the event such as engagement with tenants, and local representatives, a meet and greet with Circle staff, and most importantly – a chance for us to listen and show that WE HEAR! This face-to-face interaction is something our tenants really missed throughout Covid and even gave our non-frontline staff a chance to meet the tenants too. It also provided us with learnings for going forward which will inform us better for future events and attempts at increased engagement as well as giving us a chance to find out what our tenants want the most!

We ask if you would like to see a community event or if you have any ideas for future events you can contact your Tenancy Services Officer or Tenancy Engagement Officer.
TEO Claire McDonnell @cmcdonnell@circlevha.ie

Families enjoying the St. John ambulance