Child playing at Peader Kearney with building blocks.

Tenant engagement event at Peader Kearney House

On the 26th of August, Circle VHA held a tenant engagement event, in the courtyard of Peader Kearney House, located in Dublin 1.

Tenancy Service Officer (TSO) Catherine Elliot Lewis, organised the event with the assistance of front line and non-front line staff of Circle VHA.

The smell of the BBQ by AB Catering consumed the air of the estate, encouraging residents to join in the activities. We had a lovely couple of hours chatting and mingling, discussing the needs of the residents. Young and old alike enjoyed the event.

With children enjoying face painting, balloon molding and large games, they were certainly making the most of the summer fun!

The event also ties in with our tenant engagement strategy, therefore, as we conducted a scheme walkabout, allowing the tenants to showcase their area and allow the Tenancy Services Officer (TSO), Tenant Engagement Officer (TEO) and Director of Housing Services to understand issues, or identify the needs of the community.

We ask if you would like to see a community event or if you have any ideas of future events you can contact your TSO or TEO.
TEO Claire McDonnell

Children playing large games at Peader Kearney
Children playing large games
Circle Staff enjoying the BBQ