How to Transfer

You can transfer to another property once you have agreement from the local authority. You must complete the Local Authority Transfer Application and then contact your Tenancy Services Officer to discuss the matter further.

You are eligible to apply for a transfer if:

  • You have lived at your current address for at least two years;
  • Your rent payments are up to date, and you have had no arrears for the last six months;
  • You don’t owe any other recharge or debt to Circle VHA;
  • There has never been any legal action taken against you by Circle VHA;
  • Your home has been maintained to a good condition by you and you have not carried out any unauthorised alterations;
  • You are not in breach of your tenancy agreement;
  • You have been accepted onto the relevant local authority waiting list.

The feasibility of the transfer will depend upon properties being available and the approval of the local authority.