About Circle VHA

About Circle VHA

Circle Voluntary Housing Association (VHA) was set up in 2003 and is a leading provider of social and affordable housing in Ireland. Circle’s vision is to make a real difference by delivering quality homes and innovative integrated housing solutions to individuals and families in Ireland. Circle works together with local authorities, state agencies, developers and funders to deliver new-build social and affordable housing solutions. Circle has delivered over 2,500 homes. They deliver services to over 5,000 people and help create thriving communities.

Circle VHA is more than housing and is passionate in ensuring tenant’s needs are at the heart of everything it does. Through its commitment to caring about its tenants and the services it delivers, it empowers tenants to be involved in running their homes and communities while having a say in the shaping of the areas where they live. #WeHear

Our purpose, vision and values

Our purpose is to deliver quality homes and innovative integrated housing solutions to individuals and families in Ireland.  Our vision is to make a difference by providing quality homes for people in housing need.  And our values are:  We Hear!

We Hear…


All our values are underpinned by the willingness to fulfil them. Our staff are dedicated professionals with a desire to serve and create an environment that benefits all.


We will empower our staff to take decisions that benefit the quality of the service we provide, at the earliest opportunity and with the supports they need to provide an excellent service in a safe,  open and positive manner. We will empower tenants and residents to influence how we provide for their housing needs.


We will provide an honest and fully transparent approach to all decisions and outcomes. We will create a safe space for all our stakeholders to express their views in a constructive way allowing for constructive criticism and the fostering of a view that allows opportunity for growth in a positive manner.


We will continuously strive to be better, to consistently reflect on how we perform in a safe positive manner, accepting that excellence is always attainable if there is a consistent strive for it. We will make excellence a daily occurrence.


We will embed accountability through robust and cohesive policy, which benefits all. Transparency will foster this and the creation of solid and reliable documentation will ensure that this accountability is enforced.


Everyone is worthy of respect for who they are and what they contribute both internally and externally. When the contributions of the many are accepted and understood then the delivery of our service will reflect the true Purpose, Vision and Values of Circle VHA.