Circle Engage Tenant Portal

We have launched a Tenant Portal!


Circle VHA Engage Tenant Portal

In 2023, Circle VHA has developed an Engage Portal which is an Application/App you can access through your phone using the internet, allowing you to manage items in relation to your tenancy at the touch of your fingers.

Benefits of utilising the portal are listed below alongside a guide of usage.


Frequently Asked Questions

The portal is an online (web-based) site that current tenants of Circle VHA (Voluntary Housing Association) can use to access their rent statements, view their rent payments, view the repairs history of the property that they are in, log a repair, log feedback/complaint/compliments, access Circle VHA publications and more.

To access the portal, you need to be a current tenant of Circle VHA, with an occupancy number and a valid email address that you have access to.  

You also need to have either a smart mobile phone or a device that can connect to the internet as it is a web-based application. 

Access to the tenant portal is provided 24/7 where a tenant can access their information round the clock. 

No, it is not mandatory for tenants to utilise this portal as all other methods of communication   – email, phone, website can still be used.  As a tenant you will have to opt-in to avail of this service offering. 

By utilising the portal you gain a host of information at your finger tips, this includes: 24/7 access to your rent transactions, and repair history as well as access to Tenancy related publications by Circle to assist you in your tenancy.

If you opt-in to use this service, it means that you do not need to receive your quarterly rent statement in the post as you will have access to all your transactions via the portal. 

Payments will take approx. 10 days to appear online. 

The portal uses secure encryption to protect your information.  As a current tenant you will set your password, which must be used in conjunction with other authentication methods. 

Tenants can submit maintenance requests through the portal, detailing the issue and attaching relevant photos. 

Tenants can view their complete transaction history, including rent payments and any additional charges or fees. This transparency can help prevent disputes and provide tenants with a clear understanding of their financial obligations. 

To provide feedback, suggestions on the portal please contact our customer services team.  To contact our customer services team, you can do so via our:

email: or phone: (01) 407 2110

The roll out of this service is on a phased basis by scheme.  As a tenant you will be communicated with to advise when your scheme is next on the list.  

Once all schemes are setup on the portal the following areas are being looked at enhancing the current offering of rent transaction history and repair history.

  • Using the ‘Recite Me’ add in so that the content of the portal is translated into the different languages.
  • Access to tenancy agreements.
  • Scheme specific notifications