Tenant Engagement

Enhancing Services icon. Blue circle containing a trophy.

Enhancing Services

A group of trained tenants assess a service area and seek a wide range of opinions regarding how the service is delivered. The group will review policies and procedures and speak to staff responsible for the service area.

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Customer Journey Mapping icon. This is a light blue circle containing a magnifying glass.

Customer Journey Mapping

To get the tenant’s experience of a particular service provided by Circle VHA, the tenant is talked to, taken through Circle VHA’s policies and procedures, and asked about their experience at each stage. The feedback is recorded, and recommendations made for improvement.

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Mystery Shopping icon which is yellow. This is a group of stick men with the middle icon enhanced.

Mystery Shopping

Tenants will be the mystery shoppers and training will be provided. This will allow tenants to examine the quality of the services provided by Circle VHA and provide customer feedback, which will help improve services. Examples would be testing the response from the office to a request for customer service, or a complaint.

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Biannual Updates green icon. This features a clock pointing to 3pm.

Biannual Updates

Staff will organise face to face updates at individual schemes, providing feedback from the scheme walkabout and interagency meetings. A living document will demonstrate progress on the various issues. It will show actions that are completed and those that are still outstanding.

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Scheme Walkabout purple round icon. Stick man standing solo with semi circle featured around it.

Scheme Walkabout

An opportunity for staff, tenant representatives and relevant agencies (e.g. OMC/management company and local authority) to walk around a scheme or neighbourhood to identify any issues and consider possible solutions.

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The Shadow Group brown icon. Featuring stick man with arms in an upright position.

The Shadow Group

The group will assist with the development and review of policies and procedures on an ad hoc basis. It may take the form of being part of a focus group to discuss and develop specific housing policies. Also, tenants may be asked to consider revised documents online.

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IT Focus Group

A group of tenants work with members of the staff team. Together, they will work on the website, tenant app and gave valued feedback to Circle VHA. Proposed time commitment – as and when deemed necessary. Meetings will be face to face and virtual.

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Tenant Advisory Group (TAG) bright pink round icon. Features two people icons with a speech bubble containing no words.

Tenant Advisory Group (TAG)

This group of tenants will work in partnership with Circle VHA to improve service delivery by providing feedback, keeping tenants informed, and overseeing tenant-related policies/procedures/publications. The group will also review the effectiveness of the strategy and monitor its progress against targets set.

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