Tenants happy with Circle VHA services

More than 90 per cent of tenants are happy with the quality of accommodation and housing management services being provided by Circle VHA, according to the Tenant Satisfaction Survey Report 2016.

The poll is conducted by postal questionnaire every two years and the findings are analysed by an independent researcher. In September 2015, some 956 households were surveyed – more than double the number surveyed in our first tenant poll in 2011.

The survey polls residents on matters such as anti-social behaviour; maintenance repairs; the quality of their home; the condition of the property; the neighbourhood in which they live; their involvement / integration with the local community and how safe they feel in their neighbourhood.

The overall findings were very positive and there is a consistent pattern in all three tenant satisfaction surveys conducted to date.

Circle VHA CEO, Justin O’Brien said: “Providing good quality housing and housing management services are central to our vision and mission. The survey findings provide some indications of the complexity of that responsibility, which ranges from providing good quality housing, to enabling the feeling of safety, community integration and cohesion for our tenants.

“We would like to thank all of the residents who took the time to respond to this survey. The results are valuable to management at Circle VHA as they give us an insight into our tenant demographic, which allows us to create socially responsible and sustainable communities. They also reinforce what we are doing well and highlight those areas where we need to improve.”

We would encourage all of our tenants to have a look at the Tenant Satisfaction Survey Report 2016.  The Tenant Assistance section of the website sets out the rights and responsibilities of Circle VHA tenants, as well as our policies on repairs and maintenance, rent, and anti-social behaviour. Tenants can also log a repair request via this section of the website.