Ukraine: How you can help

Voluntary Participation of Social Housing Tenants in Irish Red Cross Pledge Scheme

Over 18 million will be affected by the conflict in Ukraine, with up to 5 million people currently fleeing or expected to flee their homes as the war continues. Significant numbers of refugees will continue to arrive in Ireland in the coming days, weeks, and months. We know that many of our tenants are looking for ways to offer their support. We wanted to let you know how we’re supporting the resettlement efforts and how you can help.


You can help families and people in Ukraine by making a donation to the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. The Red Cross have teams in Ukraine and all donations will help get those affected  food, medicine, shelter and water. Please use the link below to make a donation:   

Irish Red Cross Register of Pledges

We’ve had a number of calls from tenants asking if they are able to offer a spare room in their home to Ukrainians fleeing the war. The answer is simply YES.
If you are interested in pledging a spare room in your home, then please read through the following information and get in contact with us.

How can I pledge my spare room?

The Shared Accommodation Pledge with the Irish Red Cross allows you to offer a spare room in your home. Whether you have an apartment or house, or a single or double room, the Irish Red  Cross is interested in hearing from you. They will require your address and other information about your home and the services in your area and community so that they can match people who require somewhere safe.

Step 1

You should register your pledge here:

We will confirm that you have done this before agreeing for you to share your home.  You must have a tenancy agreement with Circle VHA and a spare room for us to consider your request.

Step 2

We want to make sure that it is as easy as possible for you to do this. For us to consider your request to offer a spare room then please complete this form:

We will only grant permission on the grounds that any guest will have their own private bedroom and will not be asked to share a room with an existing member of your household and that your pledge will not lead to any overcrowding in your home.  Completing this form should only take a few minutes of your time and we will get back to you with our decision within 5 working days.

Once you have received approval from Circle VHA, the Irish Red Cross will contact you to discuss the room and your home. They will conduct an assessment and a caseworker will then match your offer to a person or people from Ukraine who have arrived in Ireland. If a match is made, the caseworker will arrange a meeting with you and if all parties are happy to proceed, a move-in date will be agreed.

Step 3

You must keep us updated on who will be living with you and sign a consent form with us. Any permission granted by Circle VHA will be on the grounds that:

  • Your room is deemed suitable by the Irish Red Cross and proof of this is provided to Circle VHA.
  • That any Ukrainian guest is considered a guest of yours, therefore as the tenant you are responsible for all household members and ensuring they adhere to the conditions set out in your tenancy agreement.
  • Full details of each guest staying with you is provided to Circle VHA along with proof of identification.
  • Permissions are granted for 6 months and will be reviewed after that time.
  • Circle VHA may wish to inspect your property and will contact you in advance to arrange a visit.
  • You must not request payment from or charge the guests who are to stay in your home.
  • You must keep us updated if the guest moves out or you wish for another guest to move in.

What you should consider before making your pledge

The size of your home. There are strict guidelines on how many people can live in different size homes to ensure that properties do not become overcrowded. If you are unsure how many people are allowed live in your home, please get in touch with us.

Financial considerations. Having another person live with you may mean higher costs for electricity, gas, food or other services. Please consider this in advance, as unless the Irish Red Cross give you permission, you will not be able to charge your guests. Circle VHA will not charge you additional rent when you have an Irish Red Cross approved guest staying with you, however, your normal rent will still need to be paid in full.

Insurance arrangements. Your property is insured by Circle VHA or your Owners Management Company. However, you may have other policies or contents insurance and it is always worth checking if any of your policies could be affected by allowing another person to move in.