Circle VHA are officially members of INAR – The Irish Network Against Racism.

Even though March is Anti-Racism month, Circle VHA is strongly committed to combating racism and celebrating diversity in Ireland all year round!

As part of our commitment and to underpin our goal to demonstrate leadership in the area of Anti-Racism, Circle VHA have joined INAR, the Irish Network Against Racism.

We firmly support the #IrelandForAll campaign and take on board the concerns of all of our tenants in light of the recent anti-migrant activities.

We are committed to building welcoming and inclusive communities for people of all backgrounds, we want everyone to feel welcomed and supported in their homes, neighbourhoods and community.

We look forward to engaging with all other Anti-racist organisations and leaders to enhance awareness and best practice right across our organisation, the Irish Housing sector and Irish society as a whole.

In the course of our continuing work to promote equity and diversity through our joint Quality in Our Diversity process we have reflected and learnt that it is imperative to show our intent as an Anti-racist organisation. The 5-stage Quality in Our Diversity process will ultimately lead us to an accreditation for our work and practice in the area of interculturalism, equality and anti-racism and create a template for other organisations to follow suit.

“Anti-racism month is a valuable opportunity to continue building awareness of the challenges for ethnic minority people living in our country. By joining INAR Circle VHA are committing to helping to shape policy and legislative reform to create a better society for all. As leaders in the area of social and affordable housing we have a lot to contribute to the changes that need to occur. We are dedicated to actively leaning into discomfort in order to understand, learn and create change for the better. We have already begun this work in a strategic way with our tenants and staff and we look forward to embedding the actions from those learnings across our organisation and the wider housing sector.”

Membership of INAR The Irish Network Against Racism.
Membership of INAR The Irish Network Against Racism.
John Hannigan CEO of Circle Voluntary Housing Association.