Feedback and Complaints

Circle Voluntary Housing Association endeavors to always provide excellent services but we know that sometimes things may not go entirely according to plan. We have a complaints policy and procedure so that individuals using our services can bring to our attention any issues they may have in relation to the delivery of our services. We also recognise the value of comments and compliments: we will actively seek learning from complaints, comments, and compliments in reviewing and developing our services.

Our staff are trained to deal with complaints, suggestions, and compliments. Staff are trained and empowered to:

  • Recognise the potential value to the organisation of complaints, suggestions and compliments
  • Pass on or act upon suggestions and compliments to ensure that learning is captured and that opportunities for recognising and replicating good practice are acted upon
  • Explain the complaints procedure to a complainant
  • Seek to resolve the issue on an informal basis if appropriate
Feedback and Complaints Policy. This document outlines the process of logging your feedback and complaints to Circle.
Feedback and Complaints Policy

If you would like to make a complaint or give us feedback, please complete the form below.